Another guessing game

Everyone who has a second to consult the map knows that the largest state in the United States of America is Alasca. However, there is a relatively popular opinion that Alasca "does not count" and in actuality the largest state in the USA is another state. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to which states might it be and why?

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Guessing game

Interpreters, anyone? ))

A young woman looks at a notesheet and says: "Ah, finally! Sun dawns over a marblehead!"

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"Thousands of rubber ducks to land on British shores after 15 year journey" (c)

Не бойтесь же: вы лучше многих воробьев. (Св. Евангелие от Матфея, 10:31)

Found this information in Elruu's journal) As I'm a huge rubber duck fan... *points up* ...I just can't help sharing)


"10 JANUARY 1992: Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean nearly 29,000 First Years bath toys, including bright yellow rubber ducks, are spilled from a cargo ship in the PacificOcean."

"When several containers of children's bathtub toys spilled over a ship's side and were released into the Pacific Ocean, who would've thought a concerted research project to study the ocean's currents would be the result?"

"The armada of 29,000 plastic yellow ducks, blue turtles and green frogs broke free from a cargo ship 15 years ago. Since then they have travelled 17,000 miles, floating over the site where the Titanic sank, landing in Hawaii and even spending years frozen in an Arctic ice pack. And now they are heading straight for Britain. At some point this summer they are expected to be spotted on beaches in South-West England."


From here:




And you, guys?) Do you like rubber ducks? ;)

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Spelling bee

I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way.
- Mark Twain

Let us find CORRECT ways of spelling words different ways. Make Mark Twain proud of us ))

color - colour
analyze - analyse
centre - center
analog - analogue
encyclopedia - encyclopaedia
checker - chequer
tire - tyre
knit sweater - knitted sweater

There are many more. Suggestions?

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Great BBC video

Kleo Scanti
Spread your wings and fly!
BBC is famous for their educational films. This series is one of the best. It's about so called man-made wonders of the UK.

And this particular episode is my favourite for now.

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Staff and personnel?

Не бойтесь же: вы лучше многих воробьев. (Св. Евангелие от Матфея, 10:31)
What is the difference between "staff" and "personnel"?

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Let's play - term-guessing

Не бойтесь же: вы лучше многих воробьев. (Св. Евангелие от Матфея, 10:31)
So, about slang and new terms - I promised to focus on it)

I suppose you lot know the great sites "Word Spy" and "Urban Dictionary"? There you can find the "new terms that have appeared multiple times in newspapers, magazines, books, Web sites, and other recorded sources."

There are many pretty funny words there) You want to know what are the "refrigerator rights", "ego wall", "wikiality", "football widow", "to google"?)

Let's play a game!)


Ready? Steady? Go!


Round One

1) ego wall
2) football widow it is... guessed by Electronic Elric
3) ad creep
4) dramality
5) to google it is... guessed by Kleo Scanti
6) zombie computer it is... guessed by Loreleia
7) warm line
8) voicism
9) stealth parenting
10) speed dating


If this is interesting, we'll play it on a regular basis)

So, ta-da! The Links: "Word Spy" and "Urban Dictionary"

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About drawing

Не бойтесь же: вы лучше многих воробьев. (Св. Евангелие от Матфея, 10:31)
Do you like to draw? Have you ever attended a drawing-school? If yes, did you like it? If no, would you like to?

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Global Warming

We got quiet here for a bit. So I am kicking off a discussion about Global Warming with a popular article my good friend Mellie Gilder M.D. wrote for Discovery Institute (www.discovery.org/).


The article is an easy read, it is funny and interesting, it is not at all science-dry (it is popular article, after all), and it has very good examples of proper citation of sources. I think we could have an interesting discussion about it and Global Warming in general.

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Second Part

Летать, так летать!
S.R Gardiner
Cavaliers and Roundheads
Part 2.
читать дальше

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First part.

Летать, так летать!
S.R Gardiner
Cavaliers and Roundheads
Part one.
читать дальше

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всё у Птицы вовремя
Hi, everybody)
Some months ago I found a site, where you can watch TV-shows and films in English (some of them can be downloaded). Most people have torrents for it, but for those, who do not use them, the site could be a real treasure chest. You have to invest a little time in searching, but I think it's worth it.
So enjoy)


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And finally I find time to introduce myself. I'm very sorry for not doing it earlier.

Думаешь, у тебя полно работы? Попробуй управлять Вселенной. (с) Хаус

I must say I really never know what to say when I have to introduce myself. Well... I'm twenty years old, I've been studying English since I was five. I am a freelance translator of fiction and editor of English textbooks (and some other even less interesting books). I used to be a student of the School of Foreign Languages at the National University of Kharkiv, but by the second year of education it became clear that, even though it was the Translation Department, they were mostly preparing us to become teachers (e.g., everyone had to work at some school or other for three terms to get a diploma etc). Now, I do teach English to some kids occasionally, but this is so not what I would like to do for the rest of my life. So I left the university and am now a proud student of the local Academy of Culture, the Department of Publishing Business (I have just got the news that I'm in, you may congratulate me:)))). English is still very much a part of my life, though. First of all, most of my jobs are connected to it. Also, I read in English a lot, I watch movies and tv-shows in English and anime with English subtitres. I'm a wannabe writer, and I write stories in English, as well as an occasional piece of poetry (but my English poetry sucks:)).

If I say so myself, my grammar is far from bad, I can spot mistakes easily and I have a pretty good grasp on the language. But my vocabulary is more poor than I would like it to be, unfortunately; I also have spelling problems sometimes. All in all, I still have a great way to go. I really hope that this community will help me to improve my English skills, I count on it :).

Pleased to meet you all!

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"History of England"

Летать, так летать!
I've found a very interesting book "History of England" If someone is interested in this theme write the comment please and I'll scan it and place here some stories. Than we can discuss them. I hope it will be interesting for you.

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я люблю жизнь, что мне дана
I suppose I won't write here very often, because I'm usually too lazy to write even in my own blog(s), but still, I think introduction is in order.

I live in Moscow (mostly), and work as a translator since 2004. I studied English in specialized school, and then I added a lot to my knowledge by reading fanfiction - it seems odd, but it helped me more than anything. I love English for it's (relative) simplicity and for the sence of humour integrated into language itself. Still, I know quite well that I have some problems with my English, mostly with Perfect tense; I have too little practive with it, so I never remember how to use it.

I'm ready to discuss a lot of things - books (especially those never published in Russian, because if not we here, then who can read and appreciate them?), some movies (thought I don't follow the trends and watch mostly some outdated things), anime and stuff.

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Running by

FYI* small but important difference.

A person, who is translating from one language into another in written form is a translator.
A person, who is doing the same thing in oral form (parallel or sequential) in an interpreter.

*For your information

Oh, yes, and there is a very common language in the US that does not have translators at all, only interpreters. Can you guess what it is?

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Sorry but I need help!

Летать, так летать!
What is the difference between interpretations of the terms "database" and "dataset"? Is database organized in a definite way, and dataset is not? Are there any differences more?
Thanks a lot!

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well? Let's talk more

bet on both sides | do what you must
I think you all know these psy-tests where you should describe a desert you're walking in, or a forest, or a house you see there... Well, I've got an idea from them though it won't be test, but rather mini-composition in one-two words or as many as you feel the urge to write.

You're walking and suddenly come to a lake. What kind of lake it is? And where were you walking - id there a forest around it, a field, mountains or something else?

Let's talk lakes!

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Food culture

So I'm kicking off the Food in the English-Speaking World discussion.

First off, one has to realize that English-speaking world is BIG. Indian cuisine is about as different from Canadian, as Zimbabwean from Turkish. I'll be talking mostly about American, Canadian and British, since I know those best.

Some people think American food is a derivative of English and some think it's hamburgers and French Fries. Neither is exactly true, or even close to truth. Although, yes, Americans do eat pot roast, hamburgers and pound cake.
US is an extremely multi-cultural country, and was multicultural to begin with. Dutch, Spanish, French, British, Italian, Irish, Chinese and Indian foods are all over the place and they penetrated so far into the "national" potluck that most people here don't think of them as "foreign" foods anymore. For example, today in out hospital cafeteria you can get:
Muffins and pound cakes - British
Stuffed halapinos - Mexican
Strawberry parfait - French
Spagetti and meatballs in pineapple sauce - the cross between Italian and Hawaiian, I imagine...
Pizza - Italian
Macaroni salad - American
Apple pie - Dutch
and so on. And I did actualy go down there to check.

So, what that means is you can find anything you want here, as far as food goes, or nearly anything. Including salted cucumbers, сметана, and кисло млeко. But you might have to search for a bit.
Now, "sour cream" is prepared very much like "сметана", except is is done with cream, not milk, and it is never diluted with water or milk. So it looks like Russian творог, thick and smooth, not liquid at all. If you want it to look like Russian smetana you can dilute it with full-fat milk or cream.
"Curd" is not actually творог but a kind of consistency for milk products. "Творог" is "cottage cheese". Cottage cheese can be large curd, small curd, smooth and whatnot else. Most cottage cheese made in the US is made along the Northern European recipies (Skandinavian, Northern French), so it looks chunky (small or large curd). But you can buy cottage cheese that is smooth and a bit sour to the taste, like Russian ones, you just need to go to a farmhouse or specialty Eastern European store.
Salted cucumber (preserved in salted water with spices) and pickled cucumbers (preserved in vineager water with spices) can both be found in the US. But mostly cucumbers are pickled, with a few salted here and there, as opposed to in Russia, where there were a few pickled and mostly salted. Salt was hard to get here for a long while, so people used vineager to preserve pretty much everything.

Last thing for now. Americans pasteurize their foods to the fare-thee-well, probably with a battle-cry of "No bacteria remains crawling!" So if the milk does not go sour for a week and sour cream stays good for a month that does not mean they have preservatives or artificial additives; it just means that they are well-pasteurized. Which is usually a good thing, although cursed inconvenient when you are trying to make sour milk for pancakes.

Questions? Comments? Disagreements? Corrections?

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BBC Learning English

Kleo Scanti
Spread your wings and fly!

It's a great source for those who want to learn the British English.

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Ru_English: Говорят не по-русски