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Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас
I hope some of us are here. =)
Have anybody visited english- courses in native-speakers countries? I mean proramms for summer or smth like that. May you share the experience, please.

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Staff and personnel?

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What is the difference between "staff" and "personnel"?

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Sorry but I need help!

Летать, так летать!
What is the difference between interpretations of the terms "database" and "dataset"? Is database organized in a definite way, and dataset is not? Are there any differences more?
Thanks a lot!

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Actual question

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What do you know about resumes in English/English resumes (I see a difference here - sometimes russian companies demand resume in English, but it's russian resume iin english language)? I invite you to share resources and/or personal experence.
I reallized that I know nothing aboout it but there is a chance i may need it. So... please? I think, it may be of interest for many of us.

Oh, and I think we'll ignore accents" At least, I don't know how to put them here, and there must be one... or two... in resume...

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