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game which eats my time lately

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Recently I stumbled upon yet another game "how well do you know your English". It's spelling game - you need to chose correct word from three offered versions. It's worksafe - meaning there are no bright flashes and unexpected sounds.


I confess I never get further 2nd level yet because I am really inattentive and too hasty. Of all my failures only one happened because I honestly didn't know the right spelling.

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well? Let's talk more

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I think you all know these psy-tests where you should describe a desert you're walking in, or a forest, or a house you see there... Well, I've got an idea from them though it won't be test, but rather mini-composition in one-two words or as many as you feel the urge to write.

You're walking and suddenly come to a lake. What kind of lake it is? And where were you walking - id there a forest around it, a field, mountains or something else?

Let's talk lakes!

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Actual question

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What do you know about resumes in English/English resumes (I see a difference here - sometimes russian companies demand resume in English, but it's russian resume iin english language)? I invite you to share resources and/or personal experence.
I reallized that I know nothing aboout it but there is a chance i may need it. So... please? I think, it may be of interest for many of us.

Oh, and I think we'll ignore accents" At least, I don't know how to put them here, and there must be one... or two... in resume...

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Kings and cabbages

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What do you think about cucumbers? do you like them or not? Why?

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an Idea!

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Sometimes it's not easy to start talking. Even whe you're actually writting. Sometimes it's just plain hard. So I propose to talk "nonsense", where each of us can write one-two sentences not struggling to find any special five-syllables words. it's ironic but that's actually a way to remember long-forgotten words.
What i propose is actually not 'non-sense", but talking about kings and cabbages. Like, what do you think about kings and who your favorite king was? )))
So, I'm putting here a tew tag kings and cabbages (it's not quite a discussion as I see it) and starting a new topic with a question which haunts me since yesterday. (Kings can be used tto, if you wish).

:ps: And I think tag "idea/suggestion" or something like it will be useful too. But i'm not sure how to call it.

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First and foremost, i'm a language freak. I've learned some and understand even more, but have no/almost no active practice.

I never got much formal education in English. I've had school classes - an ordinary school, not the special one - and a lot of self-study. And I'm workking as translator for several years now. Ten-some years ago I''ve led an active life on english forums, but not since.

So what I have is rather big vocabulary and an eye for mistakes (doesn't prevent me from making my own though). And almost no active skills, that's what i'm here fore.

One more thing I have for now is a VERY troublesome keyboard with broken SHIFT keys and a prospensity to type double letters all by itself. I plan to change it soon, but please ignore any mistakes with capital letters and doubles till further notice? it's just a technical error and I don't have time to change it every time it happens...

i'm ready to discuss everything I know something about - the same I do in my diary ))

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Technical, to new members

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To join [any] community, you need to click Вступить в сообщество, not just Добавить в избранное. Then we'll get your request and can add you as a member.

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