я люблю жизнь, что мне дана
I suppose I won't write here very often, because I'm usually too lazy to write even in my own blog(s), but still, I think introduction is in order.

I live in Moscow (mostly), and work as a translator since 2004. I studied English in specialized school, and then I added a lot to my knowledge by reading fanfiction - it seems odd, but it helped me more than anything. I love English for it's (relative) simplicity and for the sence of humour integrated into language itself. Still, I know quite well that I have some problems with my English, mostly with Perfect tense; I have too little practive with it, so I never remember how to use it.

I'm ready to discuss a lot of things - books (especially those never published in Russian, because if not we here, then who can read and appreciate them?), some movies (thought I don't follow the trends and watch mostly some outdated things), anime and stuff.

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