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"Knock, knock" jokes

life is sweet // there's always time for tea and room for cake
I love these jokes, they are quite useful. The reader can understand the last line if he uses his imagination - and distorts his beautiful standard English pronunciation. (So if you don't understand what the whole thing is about just read this joke aloud)
Here are a few such jokes based on homophonoids - words that sound alike but one of which is incorrectly spelt.

My favourite:

"Knock, knock."
"Who's there?'
"Oscar who?"
"Oscar a stupid question and you get a stupid answer"

and this one:

"Knock, knock."
"Who's there?'
"Cows Go."
"Cows Go who?"
"Cows go moo, not who"

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life is sweet // there's always time for tea and room for cake
I live in Moscow and am currently working as a teacher of English (British English, as they say)). So I can be of help when it comes to grammatical theory, vocabulary, pronunciation and all that jazz – as I’m supposed not only to know, but to explain.

I’ve taken two of the Cambridge exams (FCE, CAE) and now making myself to sit for CPE.

I’m especially interested in everything connected with Ireland as I lost my heart somewhere in Munster… I’m also happy to talk about literature, arts, dictionaries, ways of learning English – whatever!

(feel free to point out my mistakes or misprints))

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