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Great BBC video

Kleo Scanti
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BBC is famous for their educational films. This series is one of the best. It's about so called man-made wonders of the UK.

And this particular episode is my favourite for now.

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BBC Learning English

Kleo Scanti
Spread your wings and fly!

It's a great source for those who want to learn the British English.

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Sort of an intro. :)

Kleo Scanti
Spread your wings and fly!
Hi! I really like the idea of this community, so here I am.

I'm currently living in Moscow, but it may change in the following months.
I've been learning the English language since childhood. I started with self-study books, then had been going to the Diplomatic Academy courses for 2,5 years, then had spent almost three months in Oxford, and now I'm mastering my language skills by myself again.
I've got FCE, CAE and IELTS (General Module) Certificates, so if you have any questions about these exams, feel free to ask me.

Generally I'm interested in anime (and slightly less than that in the Japanese culture in whole), reading (from glamorous books like "The Devil Wears Prada" to fantasy books to non-fictional historical books), modern cinema, travelling (seeing new places is one of my top priorities when I should decide what to do) and many more (which can be found in my profile).

I've also got two journals in English. One is dedicated to anime, another is dedicated to my non-anime interests. If someone's intersted, I'll post the links.

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