Добро пожаловать в сообщество Ru-English!

Наше сообщество - для людей, которым нужно практиковаться в использовании английского языка)
Мы - не носители языка, мы так или иначе связаны с английским - кому-то нужен для работы/учебы, кто-то учит для себя.

We speak English. And are damn proud of it!)

Our rules:

1) We don't write in Russian unless we need a particular translation (e.g., "are there any other ways to translate "чистое безумие" besides "sheer madness"?) Strong measures, but as they say: "You have 22 more hours to speak Russian. Speak English in class." If you can't put your thoughts into words - use on-line dictionaries and synonyms. We're here to learn, after all)

2) We point out mistakes to each other and we ask if there's anything we don't understand.

3) We speak about everything because we need practice. You're welcome to start any conversation that seems to be interesting enough to be kept up.

4) We're not your on-line dictionary, by the way. If you need help of translators, you may ask here or here)

5) No, most likely we're not going to write that essay for your exam (not THAT kind of practice)). But you can start this topic and we'll discuss it here, so you'll know what to write about)

6) Mind your language! If the f-word seems cool to you, it's not a reason to push it into every phrase. We're not hypocrites, we can use foul language. But also we can express our indignation in a literary language, thank you.

7) You must use tags and write sensible subject for every entry. Even if you're not used to. Otherwise it's impossible to use calendar or to search through tags.

8) We plan to have "English meetings" - to meet and practise it in person. Optional, of course. We've tried it already - it can be fun)

More rules will appear as soon as someone does something stupid))