game which eats my time lately

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Recently I stumbled upon yet another game "how well do you know your English". It's spelling game - you need to chose correct word from three offered versions. It's worksafe - meaning there are no bright flashes and unexpected sounds.


I confess I never get further 2nd level yet because I am really inattentive and too hasty. Of all my failures only one happened because I honestly didn't know the right spelling.

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2011-08-14 в 13:53 

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Thanks a lot))
I'v tried it once and - well, have the same reasult as you)
I think you have to get used to the font - it's a bit misleading at times.

2011-08-14 в 14:11 

Лучше ужасный конец, чем бесконечный ужас
оh, cool! Thanks !
but the same result х)

2011-08-14 в 14:19 

bet on both sides | do what you must
Shae, yep. I always miss the "i" positioning because of font - somehow I perfectly sure I'm choosing the right one and only afterwards I see that "i" was not where I thought I saw it.

This time I get to the mid-4th level, wow )

~Алхимик, you really need to get used to the gameplay. It took me several tries just to start concentrating on words and not on everything on the screen. ))

2011-08-14 в 14:39 

Творите о себе мифы. Боги начинали только так. (с)
thanks for the info)))


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