I might as well start the ball rolling.

I have lived in the US, state Massachusetts, for 10 years this July. I work as a family doctor in a local hospital and am married to an English-speaking guy, so get plenty of language practice at home. I love languages and linguistics and will be very happy to discuss them with anyone.
I have taken TOEFL, SAT, GRE and what seems like hundreds of other exams, so I can be a resource on those.
I am reasonably fluent in American slang and bio/technical lingo, but hopelessly outdated in British or Australian English.
I am happy to talk about books, articles, dictionaries, translations and other things but I do not have any kind of a relationship with video-production, so chances are I have not seen any movie anyone wants to discuss.

Open to questions and over* to someone else.

* Meet-and-Greet is the "code name" of the first visit to a doctor's office.
* One says "over" when one is speaking on an old or poorly working communication device, indicating, that this is time for the other person to speak. One says "out" indicating that from one's point of view this communication session is done. So "over and out" means "I have said all I wanted; done unless you have a say." Used by military wuite a bit.

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