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First and foremost, i'm a language freak. I've learned some and understand even more, but have no/almost no active practice.

I never got much formal education in English. I've had school classes - an ordinary school, not the special one - and a lot of self-study. And I'm workking as translator for several years now. Ten-some years ago I''ve led an active life on english forums, but not since.

So what I have is rather big vocabulary and an eye for mistakes (doesn't prevent me from making my own though). And almost no active skills, that's what i'm here fore.

One more thing I have for now is a VERY troublesome keyboard with broken SHIFT keys and a prospensity to type double letters all by itself. I plan to change it soon, but please ignore any mistakes with capital letters and doubles till further notice? it's just a technical error and I don't have time to change it every time it happens...

i'm ready to discuss everything I know something about - the same I do in my diary ))

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