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Sometimes it's not easy to start talking. Even whe you're actually writting. Sometimes it's just plain hard. So I propose to talk "nonsense", where each of us can write one-two sentences not struggling to find any special five-syllables words. it's ironic but that's actually a way to remember long-forgotten words.
What i propose is actually not 'non-sense", but talking about kings and cabbages. Like, what do you think about kings and who your favorite king was? )))
So, I'm putting here a tew tag kings and cabbages (it's not quite a discussion as I see it) and starting a new topic with a question which haunts me since yesterday. (Kings can be used tto, if you wish).

:ps: And I think tag "idea/suggestion" or something like it will be useful too. But i'm not sure how to call it.

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2008-07-25 в 18:36 

Great idea!

2008-07-26 в 01:07 

Не бойтесь же: вы лучше многих воробьев. (Св. Евангелие от Матфея, 10:31)
Is there some additional meaning in kings and cabbages?) It actually sounds like a quote or some joke)
Why not to use "what an idea!" tag?)

2008-07-31 в 21:54 

bet on both sides | do what you must
[f:]ReesKey, missed this
Kings and cabbages is actually from Lewis Carrroll's Alice. It was Carpernter and... Морж speaking (never got to read Alice in English for all my plans, so am not sure how he's called) - of kings and cabbages. Later O'Henry interpreted it in one of his stories to mean 'I'll talk about many different things BUT kings and cabbages". I can find this story if you'd like, but i think there's no need to look for Alice )))


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