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I think you all know these psy-tests where you should describe a desert you're walking in, or a forest, or a house you see there... Well, I've got an idea from them though it won't be test, but rather mini-composition in one-two words or as many as you feel the urge to write.

You're walking and suddenly come to a lake. What kind of lake it is? And where were you walking - id there a forest around it, a field, mountains or something else?

Let's talk lakes!

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2008-07-28 в 15:09 

Долго читал, одно за другим. Минут двадцать - не меньше. Но Василию Николаевичу показалось, что часа четыре, а Нине - что с прошлой пятницы. (с)
It should be a glass lake between the mountains with a hawk hanging high above, somwhere near a single white cloud. I guess this means something positive and simple. Eventually I hope so. :)

2008-07-28 в 15:25 

ivor seghers
заморский провинциал
It is a large lake: one can hardly see its opposite shore. The lake is in the middle of the forest. Several old willows grow near the water. There are some reeds swaying with the wind, and sunny ripples on the waves. A white gull is flying in the distance.

2008-07-28 в 15:44 

Kleo Scanti
Spread your wings and fly!
I close my eyes and see a sunny day. There is a large field covered by a high green grass and colourful flowers. I see butterflies flying around. Far far away, near the horizon, there are some mountains with icy peaks. I go further and eventually come to a lake. Actually, it is too small to be called "a lake", it is more like a pond. I come closer and see two swans floating on a water surface. The entire picture looks so beautiful that it makes me want to take a photograph.

2008-07-28 в 15:48 

Летать, так летать!
Let it be a little lake in the dark forest. It's very deep.The trees come close to the water and it seems more dark than it is. Maybe somebody hides in the depth... Maybe it's the Water Dragon himself?! One can't know. But in the light of the sunset the water seems to be silver. It's very pure. There are animal paths on the lakesides and deers often come here to enjoy the water of the lake and their tails tremble and they are listening to the sounds of the forest in order to run away if the danger comes.

2008-07-28 в 15:54 

bet on both sides | do what you must
Hollifield, I'd say the hawk can mean some high expectations, but I'm not a shrink :D

As foк me, my lake is a forest lake too, so still and deep that it seems almost black. It's medium-sized with reeds near shores and big floating leaves in the middle (no flowers though). There are no trees close to it, the lake is surrounded by grass with tiny blue, white and violet flowers. And the water is very cold.

2008-07-28 в 16:19 

Долго читал, одно за другим. Минут двадцать - не меньше. Но Василию Николаевичу показалось, что часа четыре, а Нине - что с прошлой пятницы. (с)
Чиффа. At last we need some professional to find out all about this pictures. :gigi: And your flowerless one too. :pom: The similar test I`ve heared told some strange things about the aura. I mean at the end of it the guestioner took your face in his hands and started to mumble in a deep whisper: "I see your skeleton through your eyes, it`s all purple".

2008-07-28 в 16:27 

bet on both sides | do what you must
Hollifield :lol: I honestly think it was a joke. Test of this type are really very valid, serious and scientific. But the only pro I know speaks french and german, needs in life neither and I honeatly don't have any reason to make her learn english on top of it all ))))
So i think we better leave it as an amusement. It's kings and cabbages, not a trip to analyst )))

2008-07-29 в 10:12 

Ever since I've been to Ireland, when I hear lakes I recall that breathtaking scenery.

It is a lake by the hills covered with trees. As you stand on the grassy shore, you can see a grotto not too far away, and you wish to take a boat down there. It's always windy here, and the water surface is never calm. It changes colors from steel grey to almost blue, just like the Northen seas on which we sailed...

2008-07-29 в 16:53 

It is a sunny lake. Sun spots dapple the water, and the whole lake sparkles. The water is brown, not murky, but the soft brown of a forest lake. There are water-lilies near the shores: white and little yellow ones. Dragonflies flit among the lilies and lily-pads, fish flops to the surface to catch a bug now and then. Pines, hemlocks, oaks, beeches and birches crowd the shores. Blueberries, wild strawberries and blackberries come almost to the water in places. Every now and then a robin flits down for a drink, or a cautious deer bounds to the shore for a sip, or a beaver splashes her flat tail before the dive. On the farther side, the lake grows shallower and is almost a marsh, overgrown with more liles, lupines and cattails. There, among the greenary, a heron hides, awaiting the tattle-tale shadow of a pike or a cautious flot of a catfish.

There, isn't it nice? I can't wait to be there again!


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