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What is the difference between interpretations of the terms "database" and "dataset"? Is database organized in a definite way, and dataset is not? Are there any differences more?
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2008-07-29 в 15:02 

Kleo Scanti
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Database is a more complex structure than dataset. I believe, datasets are actually elements databases are made of.

From wiki: A data set (or dataset) is a collection of data, usually presented in tabular form. Each column represents a particular variable. Each row corresponds to a given member of the data set in question. It lists values for each of the variables, such as height and weight of an object or values of random numbers. The data set may comprise data for one or more members, corresponding to the number of rows.

Historically, the term originated in the mainframe field, where it had a well-defined meaning, very close to contemporary computer file.

2008-07-29 в 21:59 

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Kleo Scanti Oh, thanks a lot. Now I see.


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