"History of England"

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I've found a very interesting book "History of England" If someone is interested in this theme write the comment please and I'll scan it and place here some stories. Than we can discuss them. I hope it will be interesting for you.

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2008-07-31 в 16:16 

It is very interesting. What is the name of the book? Maybe it exists on-line already, if it is old enough.

2008-07-31 в 16:24 

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Elmo Derek, can you post a sample story? The theme is interesting, anyway.

2008-07-31 в 16:29 

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Hmm... Sounds fine, but what time does it cover? Personally, I'm interested, but mostly in certain periods and dates...

2008-07-31 в 17:04 

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I'm interested in anything if it isn't simply a list of dates)))

P.S. I've added a subject to this entry) You may change it if you think there should be some other subject)

2008-07-31 в 23:06 

Летать, так летать!
Well... it covers the period from the middle of XVII till the early XX century. It begins with the article of S. R. Gardiner "Cavaliers and Roundheads" from the book History of the Great Civil War".

2008-07-31 в 23:08 

Летать, так летать!
[f:]ReesKey Thanks, I've forgotten about any subject. )

2008-07-31 в 23:12 

Летать, так летать!
KattyJamison The name of the book is "The History of England"

2008-07-31 в 23:13 

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Elmo Derek, i'd like to see something from Victorian period, not war related, if possible.

2008-07-31 в 23:17 

Elmo Derek Thank you! I meant more like "name, author, publishing house, year of copyright" )) Sorry, I am like that sometimes... Becuase I thought maybe I could find it on-line and you wouldn't have to scan it...

2008-08-01 в 09:59 

Летать, так летать!
Чиффа. If I find something about that period I'll post it here of course. :)
Yesterday I was tired enough. Sorry. I had an awfully difficult day, the penultimate one before leave. It seemed too long. And I'm glad that it have been finished.


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