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Let's play - term-guessing

Не бойтесь же: вы лучше многих воробьев. (Св. Евангелие от Матфея, 10:31)
So, about slang and new terms - I promised to focus on it)

I suppose you lot know the great sites "Word Spy" and "Urban Dictionary"? There you can find the "new terms that have appeared multiple times in newspapers, magazines, books, Web sites, and other recorded sources."

There are many pretty funny words there) You want to know what are the "refrigerator rights" (Defines the depth, closeness, and intimacy of a relationship. Friends with refrigerator rights can help themselves to anything in your refrigerator without asking permission.), "ego wall", "wikiality" (Reality as defined by a consensus, particularly in a collaborative endeavor such as Wikipedia.), "football widow", "to google"?)

Let's play a game!)


1) I give you those strange terms and you try to guess what they mean)) It's difficult, yep, but also interesting) It's not a test of your power of apprehension or anything) It's just for fun)

2) If no one can guess, I give you the right answer (updating the post). The right answer is taken from the "Word Spy" or "Urban Dictionary" sites - I see no reason to keep back the links, because the most fervent fellows can always surf the web anyway)

3) If anyone wants to cheat by looking the term up in the dictionaries - well, your choice, but what's the point of playing then? ;) Feel free to use those sites if you're interested in those strange new words, but don't ruin the fun then)

Ready? Steady? Go!


Round One

1) ego wall
2) football widow - a woman who must cope with the temporary death of her relationship during football games. (Urban Dictionary) guessed by Electronic Elric
3) ad creep
4) dramality
5) to google - to search for information on the Web, particularly by using the Google search engine; to search the Web for information related to a new or potential girlfriend or boyfriend. (Word Spy) guessed by Kleo Scanti
6) zombie computer - a computer containing a hidden software program that enables the machine to be controlled remotely, usually to perform an attack on another computer. (Word Spy) guessed by Loreleia
7) warm line
8) voicism
9) stealth parenting
10) speed dating


If this is interesting, we'll play it on a regular basis)

So, ta-da! The Links: "Word Spy" and "Urban Dictionary"

@темы: let's do it (a new idea tag), lol, that's useful, translation

2008-08-15 в 13:09 

Я, Франкенштейн
я бешеный, я помешанный, я маньяяяяяк!
Sounds fun.

- Football widow- I guess it's a woman who's man is lost in observing soccer or rugby matches and stuck on stadium or in front of TV

-stealth parenting - it' happens then no-one's ever seen ones parents at school or either.

2008-08-15 в 14:12 

Не бойтесь же: вы лучше многих воробьев. (Св. Евангелие от Матфея, 10:31)
Electronic Elric, cool! :D

a woman who's man - whose )
it' happens then no-one's ever seen ones parents - when, no one's, one's))

2008-08-15 в 14:24 

Kleo Scanti
Spread your wings and fly!
I guess, "to google" has the same meaning as in Russian - "to look something up in the Google search engine". Or probably something like "to use internet search engines".

I've heard something about "speed dating", but can't remember what exactly it was. Isn't it a special event for singles who want to meet their potential spouse?

2008-08-15 в 17:49 

Вчера была среда, сегодня понедельник...
I`ve read an article about “spam”, where "zombie computer" or, may be, “zombie client” stood for infected computer sending messages without it`s owner`s awareness.

2008-08-15 в 18:33 

Не бойтесь же: вы лучше многих воробьев. (Св. Евангелие от Матфея, 10:31)
Electronic Elric, ok, you've guessed the widow one %) yep!

Kleo Scanti, yes, to google means the same as in Russian) I remember, Google asked people to use this word only as the name of the company and site, because otherwise the word "to google" would be so popular that they would be forced to give up the copyright) well, speed dating is certainly for singles who want to meet their potential spouse)) but it's not a special event)

Loreleia, exactly!)

2008-08-16 в 10:53 

Kleo Scanti
Spread your wings and fly!
[f:]ReesKey, well, "speed dating" is used for a particular way of dating (obviously) and I looked it up in the Wiki (guilty). Here. So it might be a special event, and that was what I'd heard about. :tongue:

2008-08-26 в 04:49 

Speed dating - a manner of arranged dating involving a large number of people at once.
Stealth parenting - my guess is that it's a way of raising a child without being very obvious about it. So maybe a parent checks her kid's cell phone messages but never tells him what she's found.
The rest got my stomped. Well, except for "to google", which is guessed already.

2008-08-26 в 20:25 

Я, Франкенштейн
я бешеный, я помешанный, я маньяяяяяк!
I'll try again ^_^
- ad creep - it's someone who got hooked on ads and ready to by right after TV ad or paper printed ad or click on ad banner et cetera.
- dramality - its then you as a journalist or PR worker get some story and turn it into sissy weeping scaring yellow-press tragedy.


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