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Interpreters, anyone? ))

A young woman looks at a notesheet and says: "Ah, finally! Sun dawns over a marblehead!"

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2008-09-20 в 22:43 

Скрипач не нужен.
Oh, thank you for bringing up the subject of idioms!
Erm, does it have ahything to deal with the phrase "sun is finally over a yardarm"? :)

2008-09-24 в 07:51 

Cordy Laer You are welcome!
Etimologically - sure does. But there is a layer of meaning in the first one which is not covered in a second. Has to do with the "marblehead" part.

2008-09-24 в 19:18 

Cordy Laer
Скрипач не нужен.
Has to do with the "marblehead" part.
*What is marblehead? :hmm:*
And the answer should be also somehow related to the notesheet she was looking at, shouldn't it? Maybe, the woman has suddenly come up with a useful thought?
Marble is usually cold and dumb, whereas sun can warm it up a bit...

2008-09-30 в 00:27 

Cordy Laer Very good guess!
The girl lives in New England - sun dawns from the ocean here. And we do have marble cliffs. Which are cold and dumb until sunrise happens. So if I had to explain this idiom to someone in this context I would say: "OMG, it was here all the time! I FINALLY get it!"


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