Another guessing game

Everyone who has a second to consult the map knows that the largest state in the United States of America is Alasca. However, there is a relatively popular opinion that Alasca "does not count" and in actuality the largest state in the USA is another state. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to which states might it be and why?

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2008-10-07 в 00:44 

sugar and spice and everything nice
Erm... if we take into account the continental/main part of the USA, maybe Texas is the largest? (deliberately not-checking)

2008-10-07 в 13:17 

Я, Франкенштейн
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Could it be Hawaii? With Ocean as anappendix?

2008-10-09 в 02:56 

Таэлле Texas is largest if we count only the states who are in one "block", as Alasca is peparated by Canade. But Alasca also is a mainland state since in's part of Northern America. So yes, Texas would be one ))

Kikaider Haven't though of this one! If we count the ocean it definitely works, doesn't it?

Other ideas?

2008-10-12 в 00:21 

KattyJamison My favorite one is:
Alaska is not the biggest state of America, Texas is. Because if you heat Alaska to the temperature of Texas, it is going to be the size of Rhode Island.


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