Let's play! Topics: My job

Не бойтесь же: вы лучше многих воробьев. (Св. Евангелие от Матфея, 10:31)
Let's play! The game is called "Topics". You know, those "topics" that we were forced to learn by heart at school, like, "My family", "Winter holidays", "My flat" and etc)

Today the topic is: My job

You speak on the Topic, using three sentences.
The first one contains 3-5 words.
The second contains 6-10 words.
And the last one - 11-30 words.

Prepositions = words!
The best part of it: you can cheat)) I am = 2 words. I'm = 1 word.
I am going to = 4 words. I'm gonna = 2 words.

And of course try to make it humorous (if your job doesn't make you feel completely... tragic))

For example

I'll start)

1. My job is читать дальше

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2009-06-20 в 03:16 


I am a doctor.
I treat people in different states of health.
They are ill, or well, or well but think themselves ill, or ill and hope to stay ill, or, occasionally, certifiably insane - which is what I am by evening.

2009-06-20 в 10:18 

Cordy Laer
Скрипач не нужен.
1. I am a teacher-wanna-be.
2. I decided to become one at the age of seven.
3. However, already after I entered the pedagogical university, it suddenly turned out that the students of our department will be not teachers but linguists after they graduate. :weep2:

2009-06-20 в 11:37 

Я, Франкенштейн
я бешеный, я помешанный, я маньяяяяяк!
1.I'm afraid of my work.
2. Twice a year I develop delusion of persecution.
3. But that's a fun work anyway, couse catching a cribs and being a Snape-like jerk is really entertaning for maniacs like myself - the Hight School teachers!:evil:

2009-06-21 в 01:39 

bet on both sides | do what you must
I work with books.
Dream work – get paid for reading, essentially.
Still, now I see all books as work, so I can't just enjoy reading and don’t wish to hang editor, translator and even author sometimes.

2009-06-23 в 22:12 

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