2009-09-27 в 14:51 

a blue guitar, a set of stars, or those exactly who they are
brilliant. xD

2009-09-27 в 15:32 

вождь Мелкая Река
Такое ощущение, будто меня связали, и одновременно другое ощущение, будто, если бы развязали меня, было бы еще хуже. © Франц Кафка
I haven`t really thought about our cursive in this way)))

2009-09-27 в 16:03 

Well, it makes me cry sometimes, and I'm Russian... :lol: /Though, imho, the worst is a curly handwriting in cursive.../

2009-09-27 в 18:46 

bet on both sides | do what you must
I always thought about our cursive in this way )))) Even played with it in school sometimes.
Ah well, we're nor as bad as Arabic sсript, are we?

2009-09-27 в 18:56 

спокойненький пессимист
I've been trained to write exactly the same way, no disconnections between letters. :flower: Gotta say, sometimes I get confused and check if I wrote everything correct.

2009-10-09 в 06:54 

Oh, that's lovely! And true...

2010-01-08 в 23:21 

Jane Knightly
The empires of the future are the empires of the mind. Churchill
Sometimes I don't understand what I write.
But hieroglyphs are worse

2010-08-14 в 02:14 

There's an English word "minimum". Try to write it in cursive...))) It's my favourite joke about cursive. I always write with almost typed letters... actually, it means that I'm psychologically unstable, but yes I am, and I'm proud of it (c) (header)

2011-07-10 в 02:40 

Ghosts can laugh but they're already dead
loool :D

2015-01-24 в 20:38 

Гейко с нагината
It is awesome, but english spelling makes me cry regularly.


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